Application of Statistical Software in Quantitative Data Analysis

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Michael Sunday Olayemi
Oluwamayowa Opeyimika Olajide
Omolola Felicia Ajayi


The paper expounds on the application of Statistical Software (SS) in quantitative data analysis. Research questions were formulated and
questionnaire were used for data collection. The collected data were analysed using percentage, mean and regression. From the analysis
carried out, we discovered that women are fewer in the academic profession. We also find out that the most common statistical software is
MsExcel, followed by Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and the less popular statistical software is R. Also, the frequently used
statistical software is SPSS, followed by MsExcel, while the less usage statistical software is R. In this paper work, it was shown that there is
a positive impact of statistical software in obtaining a fast, accurate and efficient result in academic staff research work in Kogi State Polytechnic
(KSP), Lokoja. The following statistical software - MsExcel, SPSS, Graphpad, Minitab and R, were highlighted and the regression
analysis carried out for each statistical software were screenshot and presented. It was discovered that the five (5) different SS used gave
the same result. The simple regression model obtained is Number of Death = 44+ 2.17Malaria. Recommendations were made accordingly

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Olayemi, M. S., Olajide, O. O., & Ajayi, O. F. (2022). Application of Statistical Software in Quantitative Data Analysis. ABUAD International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 2(1), 29-34.


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