Challenges of Diplomacy in Securing External Defense Arrangement in Nigeria (2007-2022)

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Suradj Allan Olufade
Shuaibu A. Ibrahim
Muhammad Bello Baban’Umma
Shuaibu Umar Abdul


Nigeria defense strategy has since combined soft and hard diplomacy to negotiate, persuade and induce both global and regional allies to support her counter terrorism fight. This study examined challenges of diplomacy in securing external defense arrangement in Nigeria between 2007 and 2022. The study adopted mixed research design using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The study relied heavily on secondary sources such as books, journals, articles, periodical, government reports and publications, magazines, unpublished manuscript, and conference papers; also, on primary sources such as interviews and questionnaires. It was found out that a lot still need to be done to improve the strategies and methods of securing diplomatic arrangements in a way that will favor Nigeria in dealing with the challenges encountered in diplomatic defense relations to combat the effect of terrorism both locally and regionally. The study recommended that Nigeria must intensify efforts at holding regional security summits for defense diplomats while intensifying joint military exercises for regional states in the Multi-national Joint Task Force to promote unity, improve communication and information sharing; and that the state must improve defense budgeting while joining multiple counter terrorism coalition both regionally and globally.

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Olufade, S. A., Ibrahim, S. A., Baban’Umma, M. B., & Abdul, S. U. (2023). Challenges of Diplomacy in Securing External Defense Arrangement in Nigeria (2007-2022). Journal of Contemporary International Relations and Diplomacy, 4(1), 723-735.