Editorial Board

An editorial board shall comprise experts, principally including erudite professors in the field of Banking and Finance. Notable professionals on the field and from the professional institutes will be constituted to supervise and manage the editorial function of the publication.  Membership of the board will be widespread across the academic environment and the professional institutes, but majority of the number will be drawn from Afe Babalola University.  A few member of the board will be drawn from disciplines of management sciences other than banking and finance, to create a balance in favour of the non-banking article subscribers to the journal.

However, the following highly talented and carefully selected academics shall constitute the Editorial board:

  1. Adewale ALAWIYE-ADAMS        Editor-in-chief
  2. Yekini Olawale LAWAL                  Editor
  3. Samuel IGBATAYO                         Editor
  4. Adedayo OLUTOYE                        Managing Editor
  5. John AKINDEJOYE                        Editor
  6. Emmanuel A. AYODEJI                 Editor & Secretary

Meanwhile, other official connecting with the journal shall include the following:

  1. Bayo OLOYEDE                              Consulting Editor
  2. Babatunde AFOLABI                     Consulting Editor
  1. Stephen Olufemi ADEUSI            Consulting Editor
  2. Olusola IBITOYE                            Marketing Manager