The banking profession in Nigeria has suffered significant setbacks in the last five decades.  The relevance of the banking profession in the economics scheme of any nation can never be overemphasized; the banking scheme does not only provide the needed financial resources for all facets of the economy, it also manages the crucial intermediation and enables free flow of funds within the economy.

Research activities into the banking sector have done significant improvement to the growth and development of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture.  The power of knowledge, development and growth can be strengthened through continuous research activities.  One of the ways to generate more contributions to the enlargement of the knowledge-base is the establishment of a standard journal of academic and professional standard.  There are very few numbers of standard journals of academic and professional calling in Banking and Finance in Nigerian academic environment to advance the course of the development on one hand and challenges on the other hand both locally and internationally in contemporary issues in Banking and Finance.

A Broad Based Journal

This proposed journal shall be called ABUAD International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF) and shall be domiciled in the department of Banking and Finance of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti.  Despite its domiciliation in Banking and Finance, it will encourage other departments in the Social and Management Sciences to forward articles for consideration, including Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Conflict Studies and other management related departments in Arts.

Peer Reviewed Article Status

All articles to be considered under this publication will be subjected to a peer review process by the distinguished academics, and must gain acceptance before publication.  The review process is intended to be under appropriate check to avoid undue delay resulting from the failure of the reviewers to review within the time specification to meet publication deadlines.